Sunday, September 7, 2008

Letting Go of Worry

This weekend, I had a massage. Now I may have mentioned this before as an excellent form of rest. But one of the most potent things massage can do for you is release muscle tension.

Where do you suppose muscle tension comes from?

One cause is worry. Another may be injury or illness.

Honestly I think muscle tension is a great tool. Consider it a warning sign that you are spinning too fast and need to slow down.

The therapist barely brushed her hands down my back. Not only could I feel all the little bumps and lumps, but she could.

Jessie was pretty funny. She exclaimed, "My goodness you are all knotted up."

And I was. And I still am, just not as much.

What? You thought massage would take care of all that tension?

It sure does. BUT...(I couldn't resist a BIG but here.)

Massage is like physical therapy. That is exactly what massage should be considered. When you have injured your body, the doctor often prescribes physical therapy. It's one of the main things I've been prescribed to manage arthritis in my lower back. Basically that means you need a series of visits for the full treatment to work.

Often I can go months in between massage therapy visits now. However, not this time.

Massage can be used for a relaxing rest or it can be used to restore rest to your life by reducing pain that is interfering in your rest.

So if I could suggest one thing to you today that would make a difference in your life, it would be massage. Find out if you are in need of relaxation or therapy to release triggers that radiate into headaches or locked muscles. Then explore the various types of massage. Personally I love deep tissue and trigger release. I go for the therapeutic value.

I do feel sore for a few days afterwards. Very much like after a tough workout. The most amazing thing happens. My headaches go away and I sleep deeply.

Nope, you do not have to get deep tissue or trigger release to feel excellent benefits. You only need those if you have knots like I get :-) I do challenge you to get massage to overcome headaches or tension. There are several pleasant styles that work very well.

So how do you find a good massage therapist?

If you aren't going to someone you trust, ask for referrals. Look for a massage school in your area. That way you can try several styles of massage at less cost. If you find a favorite therapist, you can continue with them after their graduation.

Sometimes a school will offer short half day seminars for the community to learn massage techniques for use at home. A very nice touch if you have strong hands and an endurance longer than 5 minutes. Lol, that's about how long any massage I give can last. sigh. I'll never be able to do that for a living. I'm in awe of people who can. I believe it is as much a calling to bring physical therapy to someone as it is to minister or serve in any other calling.

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