Saturday, April 27, 2013


by Molly Noble Bull

My friend, Murray Pura, is an ordain Baptist minister who lives in Canada, and he is also a multi-published author. Blessed with success writing for publishing houses like Zondervan, Harper One, Barbour, Harvest House, Trestle Press/Helping Hands, and Baker, he puts his writing miracle this way.
“I enjoy doing different kinds of writing, fiction as well as nonfiction, so a diversity of labels helps me to do that.”  

The year 2012 was his first year in the American fiction market. Up till then Murray’s novels and stories were published in the UK and in Canada and even “down under” but not in the USA – devotionals, Bible commentaries, yes – fiction, no. That all changed with opportunities from Barbour in Ohio, Harvest House in Oregon, and Trestle Press/Helping Hands Press in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Barbour published A Bride’s Flight From Virginia City, Montana, where Old Amish meets Old West; Harvest House published The Wings of Morning, a story about flying set in 1917, and The Face of Heaven, a story that takes place during the Civil War; and Trestle Press/Helping Hands Press began to release a story set in 1728 in Colonial America in a serialized eBook format. It was called The Rose of Lancaster County.
Murray is happy to say that more books are being launched in 2013: Ashton Park, Under the Dover Sky, Whispers of a New Dawn, and An Amish Family Christmas by Harvest House; Majestic and Wild by Baker; A Road Called Love, Seven Oaks, The Name of the Hawk, Go Tell It On The Mountain, and The Last Man in Texas by Trestle Press/Helping Hands Press. Quite a variety of genres, and he enjoys the diversity and challenge of that – Ashton Park and Under the Dover Sky are set in England in the early 20th century; Whispers of a New Dawn takes place during the outbreak of World War 2; An Amish Family Christmas is modern day as is A Road Called Love; Seven Oaks takes place on a Virginia plantation during the Civil War; The Name of the Hawk is a medieval romance and adventure; and Go Tell It On The Mountain and The Last Man in Texas are westerns set in the 1800s. Some of them are finished and some are still being written.

“It’s special to be able to share my stories with my readers,” he says, “and I hope they enjoy what I have penned for them this year. Thank you, Molly Noble Bull, a great writer and a great colleague, for letting all your friends know about me.
God bless you all.”
Murray is truly a writing miracle, and he isn’t finished yet.
To find all Murray’s books, write Murray Pura in the search slot at online stores like Amazon and walk-in bookstores. 


Murray Pura said...

thanks Molly! Great writeup! Blessings from Texas North!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks, Murray, for a great interview.
Now we need to talk about your westerns from up in that part of Texas that we Texans call Canada.

Judy said...

I learned a few more things about Murray! Tis a good writeup! Enjoyed it.

Judy B

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks, Judy B., for stopping by. I hope you come back again soon.

Teresa Slack said...

Nice getting to know you, Murray. You are one busy writer. Pleased to have you onboard here at Writers' Rest & look forward to learning more about you and your writing. Hope for some inspiration as well to get back to those projects sitting too long in my hard drive.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for the comment, Teresa.