Saturday, May 4, 2013


by Teresa Slack

Teresa Slack spent most of her writing career focused on novels. Her first, Streams of Mercy, won the 2005 Bay Area Independent Publishers Award for Best First Fiction. Her latest novel, Runaway Heart, was published in February and is available for release as an e-book by Helping Hands Press. But she’s recently discovered writing short stories is a whole lot of fun.
Released May 1, Carla Comes Around was a fun story for Teresa to write. While she never felt as though she was running away from anything like her story’s heroine, she definitely felt few people would miss her after she left her small southern Ohio town following graduation. Carla Comes Around is the second of Teresa’s series True Stories Celebrating Love & Family. The next installment, Sarah’s Sin, is due out next week—a very unconventional Mother’s Day release.

Carla Comes Around

Happiness for Carla Fischer was Cartersburg, Tennessee in her rearview mirror. She couldn’t wait to ditch the tiny town where she spent a rotten childhood as soon as the ink was dry on her diploma. When she receives an invitation to her thirtieth year class reunion, she doesn’t waste a moment thinking about going. There’s not a soul in town she wants to see. Well, okay, maybe one soul, but Tim Shelton barely knew she was alive thirty years ago. She doesn’t expect him to remember her now. 

When Carla’s sister Patty announces she’s sinking her life’s savings into a local gift shop, Carla leaves her hectic life in Atlanta and heads to the one place she said she’d never go. Cartersburg hasn’t changed in thirty years, but Carla has. Hiding behind a hard veneer to protect her fragile heart, she has no interest in reconnecting with old friends. But everyone wants to see Carla, the small town daughter who never came around after fleeing to the big city. 

As time for her thirtieth-year reunion draws nearer, Carla is reluctantly drawn into her sister’s excitement over her plans for the gift shop. Carla wants to be part of her sister’s life, but she loves her life in Atlanta. Can she forsake her career for something that has alluded her most of her life? Peace, contentment, family. When Tim awakens a long dormant love in her heart, Carla begins to wonder if Cartersburg is the only place for her that’s truly home.

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Molly Noble Bull said...

Great to hear that your story is finally published. Thanks for telling us that Carla Came Around is finally available as an e-book.

Teresa Slack said...

I'm so excited about the ebooks. So much fun working on the short stories. Got another releasing next week & my first historical western in a month.

Penny McGinnis said...

It's so good to see you have published again. Blessings!