Sunday, April 21, 2013


by Teresa Slack, 

Have you ever taken a vacation or browsed a travel brochure or even looked at a postcard without imagining a story of your own in that setting?

Me neither.
We’re writers. That’s what we do. Choosing settings are nearly as much fun as creating characters that will live on with readers long after they finish the book. In fact many readers—and yes, publishers—consider setting as another character to be examined and explored throughout the story.

Tomorrow I’m on my way to Charleston, SC for a week long vacation. Ah, Charleston—the history, the romance, the mystery. Of course I’m looking forward to it as a tourist. But as a writer, I’m more excited about the opportunity for research for future writing projects.

I can’t be the only one. What location has always appealed to you as a possible setting for your next book? Is it a small town you drove through once on vacation? A foreign city full of mystique and excitement? A historic town that doesn’t exist anymore, or a futuristic location of your own making?

Share your dream setting here and a little about why it appeals to you. I’ll send the one with the most intriguing setting a postcard from beautiful, historic Charleston. Then you can send me one from your setting when you sign your next contract.

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Molly Noble Bull said...

Take plenty of pictures of South Carolina, Teresa, and visit as many mansions as you can. Most of all, have a great trip.