Tuesday, April 16, 2013


By Molly Noble Bull

Children are told not to play with matches. Yet many people today are playing with fire—hellfire. Sin has consequences, and according to the Bible, hell is a real place whether people chose to believe it or not. 
At one time young children played another kind of game, and it didn’t require matches. The game was called “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Maybe you’ve heard of it.
Two children joined hands to form a bridge. Let’s call them Bobby and Sally. The other children walked one-by-one under the bridge until the London Bridge song ended. Then the child caught under the bridge was captured, meaning he or she must answer a question.
Did the captured child want to be a golden apple or a golden pear? If a golden apple, line up behind Bobby. If the child chose to be a golden pear, line behind Sally. When all the children were captured and on one side or the other, a tug-o-war began.
Life is much like that childhood game. We must make choices. However, these choices are not often between good and just-as-good. They are between good and evil.
Rather than a choice between a wonderful this or a wonderful that, the choice is between heaven or hell. Would you like to go to heaven when you die where everything is perfect and the streets are paved with gold? Or would you like to sin now and spend eternity in hell where everyone burns in the lake of fire forever?
If you chose the sin now and burn in hell later plan, go stand behind Satan. But if you would like to spend eternity in heaven with the Lord and walk down golden streets, repent of all your sins and really mean it. Then ask the Lord to come into your heart and life, and line up behind Jesus.
It's as simple as that.
Sin has consequences, but God’s Word is true.

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Molly Noble Bull said...

Have you ever played London Bridge? Have you decided which side you will be on? Choose Jesus and stand behind him. You will be glad you did.