Sunday, December 30, 2007

Necessary Decompression

Christmas is always a busy time for most folks. Our family also celebrated a wedding. So after Midnight Mass, Christmas Tea, and lots of out of town guests...we had a wedding.

The bride and groom above are preparing for a ministry over in Africa this summer. We are all very excited for them!

But now that our holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and wedding parties are over, we slept through church. We hadn't planned to. We all planned to get up and go in as usual on a Sunday morning.

Sometimes, your body just gives out. Sometimes you just have to listen inside to the sound of your own heart and the sluggish response of your system. That is why God gave us one day a week to pull out of the rat race. He knew way ahead of time that we couldn't keep going full speed without time to regroup.

As I lay on my pillow this morning, I realized I needed to honor the gift of my body. I needed to refuel just like my car. I was out of gas;-)

So today, I am letting myself sit and reflect on all the parties and events from the last week. I'm also looking ahead to the future. I'm doing it with a recognition that a new part of life has started for my son, his wife, and our family. Soon there will be grandchildren and our other kids will marry.

But for now, I get to decompress by reflecting on all that has happened in such a short time.

Take some time to reflect on your last week. That time allows your mind to file away everything that needs to be stored. Without reflection, you stay too wired emotionally. It's like leaving live wires exposed until they spark a fire. Emotional fires just aren't worth the damage.

Reflection allows decompression for your emotions. A very important factor for learning to rest. It's a great way to prevent an emotional flare up at a time when you want peace and love to surround your family.

So honor the gift God gave you. Get a little bit of private time to rest by reflecting.



Lori said...

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. :)

Angela Breidenbach said...

Thank you, Lori:-)