Sunday, December 16, 2007

Relaxing into Laughter

Life is so busy for everyone these days. We run, run, run from one appointment to the next. We race to work, through work, and to all our errands after work. Then we rush through dinner and off to whatever activity or commitment we have that night.

I once was told that I had an addiction to adrenaline. Huh? Turns out I must have because I raced around so fast no one could keep up. I was constantly on auto speed mode. I worked full time plus extra shifts regularly. I thought I was just doing what had to be done.

After recognizing that work-a-holism isn't necessarily more productive, I had to decide how I wanted to live. I didn't want to spend all my time on work.

It became important to me to decompress. I didn't know how. I only knew one speed-ultra fast, full force. What could I do?

I also realized I hadn't laughed in an unknown amount of time. What happened to that happy, laughing girl I had once been?

I needed a richer life, not a busier life. Something I think others might need too.

Any change is hard. The best way isn't always cold turkey. Consider baby steps to learning how relaxation can fit into your life. For me, it was wishing I could laugh again. One step at a time. I began going to movies that I wanted to see. I literally snuck away from everything. I went by myself.

Alone? Go to a movie alone? Yep! For me, this is an awesome way to unwind. I don't have to worry about being heckled for tears at a sad spot or bugged if I hide my eyes. I don't worry about if someone else wants to see it. I also don't worry about how to fit anyone else's schedule around mine.

One of the most fun things I do now to relax is play hooky from everyone else! I love sneaking off to see some movie I want to see without anyone knowing. It's part of the fun:-)

I've learned one thing. I relax, laugh, and sometimes hilariously get caught by a friend or family member. When I do, I "swear" them to secrecy with a wink. Each time, the person has smiled and enjoyed joining in on my secret.

I'm sure there are a lot more people in my hometown that are "in" on my secret than are not by now, but I've learned that laughter is something I need to make sure is in my life. Going to a movie, my first baby-step, was a leap into a new me that I like a lot better. I am able to find new and more varied ways now, but it all started with a matinee.

Do you feel all tensed up? What about cramped shoulders and neck? How long since you've really laughed? Do you get accused of being too serious or working too much? Hmmm, is it time to consider some alternatives?

Try it, just once. Go to a movie YOU want to see. Go with the idea in mind that you are going to enjoy private time. (You don't need anyone else to enjoy private time) :-D

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Cathy West said...

Interesting. I have an aversion to movie theatres, so I'm not sure this would work for me. Let's just say I'm not really a people person. :0) I like to sneak off to the bathroom and relax in a big bubble bath, play some tunes and light a few candles. That's the way I like to unwind. Sadly, I rarely force myself to do that.
Maybe tonight I will!

Angela Breidenbach said...

I love that too, but with all the people in my house...well, it's hard to do:-D


Lynda Schab said...

Just now saw this post, Angie. I LOVE going to the movies (or maybe it's just that popcorn). Just caught a movie by myself last week, as a matter of fact. I agree...going by yourself is a wonderful way to unwind (and keep all the popcorn for yourself hee hee)