Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Tree Day

Today our family introduced our Japanese exchange son to the tradition of putting up the Christmas Tree. We went to an old tree farm here in town. Chose, cut, and brought home our chosen beauty.

It is really fun looking at our traditions through the eyes of someone who has no idea why we do them. Things we take for granted like is it always a pine you decorate or the simple act of hanging ornaments.

Having someone who doesn't know-and asks questions-really reminds us not only why we do things, but helps us examine our reasons for some of the traditions we do as a family.

The most restful time for me though, is sitting by the tree with all the house lights off and all the tree lights on. There is this sense of fullness, peace, and awe. For the next few weeks, I will find reasons to send everyone off to bed so I can sit by the shining tree all by myself.

I'll rest there, safe in the waiting of Advent. I'll ponder the future and past. I'll wonder what God has in store for me, my family, my friends. I'll anticipate, dream, set future hopes.

Advent-a time of anticipation. Anticipation is an excited waiting and expectation. The beauty of it is that you cannot DO anything, but wait. Slow down, anticipate, and hope with a sense of awe.

Somehow, that is a glorious way to rest in this rushing, racing, roaring world. Do you think that a few times this season, you could settle in to anticipate the Lord by your tree?

Twinkle little lights, imitate the sky, point my heart to the true hope of the world.

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Bonnie Leon said...


I have an interview coming up for the Twelve Authors of Christmas on Tricia Goyer's site and one of the things I mentioned was finding time alone after everyone had gone to bed to do just what you shared in this message. It would seem it's not such an uncommon thing--contemplation accompanied by Christmas lights.

Blessings to you this Christmas.


Angela Breidenbach said...

I'm so glad that other people like this too:-)
Have a wonderful interview. I'm going to have to go see that 12 Authors of Christmas. Thanks for telling me about it.