Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wouldn't it be Glorious?

by Teresa Slack

My mother and each of my three sisters are writers of one form or another. The youngest, Marcie, has currently focused her gifts on articles and poetry. She recently sent me this poem that was published in her local newspaper. I loved it and thought I would share it here at Writer's Rest. Enjoy and have a wonderful, merry Christmas.

Wouldn't it be Glorious?

Wouldn't it be glorious
If we didn't just give in the Christmas season?
If we donated food and clothing
For no particular reason.
If we didn't fret over baking cookies and fudge
And worried less about getting Mom jewelry
And more about forgetting a grudge.
We worry about "Black Friday"
And lights upon the tree
Instead of remembering the precious baby
Who should be worshiped on bended knee.
Sure, we all enjoy getting presents
And when Hubby buys us an expensive ring
But we seem to be less concerned
With the coming of our King.
Our kids can't wait for Santa Claus
While they listen for reindeer paws
But how much do they know about Jesus
Who loves us "just because"?
Wouldn't it be glorious
If we thought of that barn in the cold
And tried to envision the angels
And the good news they told?
Wouldn't it be glorious
If Jesus got a birthday cake
And we recalled the sacrifice that Mary and
Joseph had to make
Because our God wanted it to be so
For all of mankind's sake.
Written by Marcie Diane Hooley. 


Molly Noble Bull said...

Good poem, Teresa. The writing talent must be strong in your family.

Teresa Slack said...

Thank you so much, Molly. My dad got a phone call yesterday from someone who read something else my sister submitted. Since they couldn't get hold of her they called Dad to tell him how much the article touched them. Dad was proud as a peacock.