Tuesday, December 11, 2012


by Molly Noble Bull

A merry heart is good, like a medicine. But a broken spirit dries the bones.
Proverbs 9:7
We’ve all complained at one time of another. Yet the Old Testament is full of examples, explaining that the Lord doesn’t like complainers. He wants us to be happy in the good times as well as in bad.
I think being happy even when times are bad proves that we believe the Bible—that we believe that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.
Making a joyful noise unto the Lord if you just won the lottery is a given. But what if your home burned to the ground, your children are sick or your marriage is in shambles?
Can you make that joyful sound then? Or do other emotions kick in? 
After being rescued from slavery in Egypt and walking across the sea on dry land, the Children of Israel complained about their plight in the wilderness. Some wanted to go back to Egypt. They might be slaves again, but at least they would get to spice up their food a little.
As humans, many of us want spicy—spicy food, spicy movies and TV shows, spicy gossip. The list goes on and on. Yet nobody wants ones bones to dry up.
Doing what God wants us to do when we want to do something else is never easy. God says turn right. We want to turn left. In our minds, it is obvious that turning left is the right decision—to do otherwise would be embarrassing and could lead to a dangerous situation. But faith is doing it God’s way, not our way, and that means trusting Him and making a joyful noise when we don’t feel like it.
The Bible says that the Lord lives in the praises of His people. Think about that for a moment. If you are sad, in trouble or in a dangerous situation and want to be close to the Lord, all you really need to do is praise Him. When you do, He is at your side. Guaranteed.
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Teresa Slack said...

My friend is fasting from complaining. When we really stop and think about it, we complain a lot, even born-again believers with God on our minds. We complain that it's too cold, it might snow, our boss is a jerk, Christmas comes too soon these days, we don't have time to do what we want for the holidays, and on and on and on. My friend has a good idea. I've thought about it, but so far not put it into practice. If we truly have a merry heart, we won't find so many things to complain about. Thanks, Molly for the reminder. May we all put it into practice.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for posting a comment, Teresa. We all need to fast from complaining. I know I do.

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