Saturday, December 29, 2012


(A Young Adult Novel about Identical Twins) 

by K. Dawn Byrd 

K. Dawn Byrd is a Christian novelist. Today, she will tell us about her writing and about her walk with the Lord.
Welcome K. Dawn. We are so glad you came today. 
I would like to start with your personal walk with the Lord before you tell us about your writing. Can you tell us a little about that? 

K. Dawn:
I believe it's impossible for a Christian's worldview not to seep into their novels in some ways. For example, there are certain things I won't write about and certain words I won't use. My novels always contain at least one Christian and one non-Christian. Many of my novels are very realistic in that they portray what an individual would do or would not do in certain situations. For example, I don't go into graphic detail, but my readers will know that Cassie in Double Identity is not a virgin. However, Bree is saving herself for marriage and when she begins to think that her boyfriend is attracted to Cassie because she looks just like her, she's terrified that he'll like her since she's willing.

The story sounds timely and interesting. And I happen to love books about identical twins. My fraternal grandmother was a twin, and my Love Inspired novel, Brides and Blessings, was about identical twins.
So K. Dawn, why did you decide to write a book about identical twins? And why is your book for young adults? Why did you select that age group?

I love writing for young adults! My other books are suspense. Young adult is a wonderful break from writing dark novels. A co-worker of mine has identical twins. We were talking about some of the problems they might face later when they become teens. Teens put so much emphasis on looks that I began to wonder how a girl would know her boyfriend loves her instead of her sister since they're identical.

Thanks. Now tell us a little about the plot of your story. 

Seventeen-year old Bree has always wanted a sister. She's shocked when she learns that her father is alive and her identical twin sister, Cassie, is coming to live with her. She can't wait for Cassie to arrive. She just knows they'll be best friends. 

Bree soon discovers that even though they look alike, they're totally different. Cassie is wild and impulsive. She hates Bree's little town and everything in it, except Bree's boyfriend, Luke. When Cassie becomes obsessed with Luke, she'll go to any length to have him for herself. 

Luke has a secret, which Cassie learns and uses against him. She's off her medication and will stop at nothing. She says he's in love with her. He says he loves Bree. Will their secrets destroy them and their relationships?

You said that Bree and Cassie looked alike but were totally different. I assume you were talking about their personalities being different. Give us some examples of ways they were different. Then tell us some ways they were alike other than their appearance. For example, were they both left handed? Did they like the same foods and dislike the same foods? Stuff like that. 

Yes, Molly, their personalities are totally different. Bree is a sweet, young Christian girl. She dresses very modestly, doesn't lie, and tries to live the way Jesus would want. Her twin, Cassie, is the exact opposite. She's a wild, party girl who dresses to impress the guys. Bree is saving herself or marriage, but Cassie is known to sleep around. In addition, Cassie suffers from bipolar disorder. A big part of the story is what happens when she goes off her medication and goes after Bree's boyfriend.

How much research on twins was required to write this book? And tell us some interesting information she learned from read the material.

I really didn't do any research at all. A co-worker has identical twins and we talked about them some, but other than that I thought about how it would feel to know that there's someone else in the world identical to you. I'm thinking it would cause some real problems for teenagers. A girl would wonder if her boyfriend likes her sister also since they look just alike. I'm sure it would cause some insecurity.

Tell the names of your future novels and when they will be published.

Future releases are: Something Beautiful (young adult romance, January 21); Hotline Girl (young adult romance, June 21); Luck of the  Draw (young adult romance, November 11).

How can our readers obtain a copy of Double Identity, and is it an e-book, in paperback or both? 

Currently, Double Identity is available only in ebook format. It's available at Amazon, B&N, CBD and many other ebook outlets.

Thanks for stopping by K. Dawn Byrd. Come back soon.  


Teresa Slack said...

I am also fascinated with multiples, as I think most ppl are. The premise that the wild one will go after the other's boyfriend because he's automatically attracted to her is very interesting. Most guys are attracted to women physically first so it makes perfect sense. I can't believe I never thought about it before. Thenks, Molly, for bringing K. to our attention and thanks K. for visiting Writers Rest. Now that we have a tablet in the house, I'll def have to check it out.

Janet K. Brown said...

Good interview, Dawn. You're really getting around this week since you were my guest, Saturday. I love the idea of the world of twins. Thanks, Molly, for sharing.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks Teresa and Janet for writing. Makes me want to write yet another book about twins. Maybe I will.

K. Dawn Byrd said...

Thanks so much for the comments! Twins are so fascinating.