Thursday, November 1, 2012

Evolution. Where Did It Come From?

by Molly Noble Bull

A theory is merely a speculation,
according to Webster's Illustrated Contemporary  Dictionary,
and Charles Darwin is the father of the theory of evolution.
But is he right?
Did we evolve? Were we once monkeys? Fish-like mammals? One cell animals?
Or were we made in the image of God the Father as the Bible says?
It boils down to whether or not you believe the one, true and Living God via the Holy Bible or you believe a dead-man named Darwin with a theory.
David Rives had filmed a series of videos that discuss evolution and other somewhat related topics.
Below is the first one of these short videos.
I hope you will find it as interested as I do.

David Rives Video 1

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Teresa Slack said...

It takes a lot more faith to believe all of creation--all of creation from slugs to rose bushes to humans--evolved from a one-celled organism that happened to form accidentally from nothing, than it does to believe in an omniscient creator. Or maybe it's just me. Thanks for posting.

Dawn M. Turner said...

I agree, Teresa and Molly. It takes a staggering amount of faith to believe in the theories of men. People don't seem to "get" that Darwin's theory (which has been disproved repeatedly by his own criteria, I might add) wasn't really Darwin's to begin with. As the Bible says - there's nothing new under the sun. Darwin only RE-popularized an ancient pagan theology and dubbed it evolution. And in doing so, he turned man into nothing more than animals. Very sad really, when you think about it. Whole generations for millenia have bought this lie in one form or another. It's even gained popularity in churches today unfortunately. I attended a creation research conference, which was fabulous! Afterwards, I spoke to the speaker about his presentation. He said one of the things he found most grievous is that he was unwelcome in most of the churches in the state. Churches either accused the top of creation of being too "controversial" (thanks to compromise and "tolerance" in the church) or it was a lie disproved by the "fact" of evolution (total false teaching taking over those churches). Eugenie Scott and other evolutionists have referred to pastors (and other Christians for that matter) who compromise on creation and teach/endorse evolution as "useful idiots" to push the myth of evolution because they KNOW evolution is truly incompatible with the Bible. Sadly, there are a lot of pastors (and Christians) falling right in line. :-( And we're losing whole generations of the church as a result of this "doctrine of the devil".

Dawn M. Turner said...

Doh! Just caught a typo - that should be "... the TOPIC of creation...", not the "top". Doh!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks Teresa and Dawn. Both your comments were right on as far as I'm concerned.
The Bible says that God's people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge, and as writers, I think the Lord expects us to provide truth and knowledge as best we can.
Some will believe and some won't. Guess that's just the way things are.