Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Dan David

A Messianic Fiddler but not on the Roof

by Molly Noble Bull

Today I am interviewing Dan David from Canada, a Messianic Christian artist who likes fiddling in the shuls rather than on the roof. By the way, the word shuls means "for the congregation" in Hebrew. Welcome Dan.

Thanks Molly, it's good to talk to you this morning.  

I happen to love violin music, especially yours, and I can hardly wait to hear all about you and your music. But before we start, click below to hear one of Dan’s songs.

Love that tune we just heard. Makes me want to dance. Why don’t we start by listening as you tell us all about yourself. Where were you born? Where do you live today and as much about your family as you are willing to tell. And be sure to include all your contact information.  

Thanks. This is an original song called Fiddling In The Shul, on feeling the spirit of joy in the Lord, from Jeremiah 31:3.  
I started playing the violin at age 7, in Israel, and studied classically. I lived in Israel for 10 years, mostly as a child, 
until the family moved to Canada. By age 17, I began writing songs and that has developed into my career and calling,
to touch people through my music and songs, and play to lead people into Worship and the presence of God. 
Today I live in Toronto Canada, and my wife-to-be, Melissa David, who herself is an incredible Messianic artist and singer,
will be moving here very soon all the way from Alberta, the other side of the country, as we are getting married.
Congrats on your upcoming marriage. I pray the Lord will bless you both and that you will have a long and wonderful marriage.
Now, how did you become interested in the violin and Messianic music in particular? 

I started out writing more contemporary rock songs with the violin, developing a new sound for violin music since my late teens. By the age of 20, back in 1998, I was offered a secular record and publishing deal. I decided to put the deal on hold, and while searching for answers about God in general, I discovered that Yeshua is the Jewish messiah.
This shifted my music from writing uplifting mainstream songs, to writing for the Lord and His people, and making music to lead people to His presence, and to touch those who do not Yet believe. 

Fantastic. You mentioned Yeshua. For those that don't know, Yeshus is Jesus in Hebrew. Now, tell us how you came to know the Lord and tell us about your Christian walk with Him. 

I am fully Jewish by background, and no, I grew up in a non believing Jewish home. 
It was just before my 23rd birthday, that the Lord Himself made an appearance to me, one late night, as I was driving. He revealed himself to me, and today I am sharing with people, both Jews and Gentiles, that He is the Jewish messiah that was prophecied in the Torah, and in Jeremiah 31:31. I also do many presentations at Christian churches to tell them more about their Jewish roots, and I share a personal testimony when playing at churches.    

Please, tell our readers whatever is on your heart at this time. 
I have come to realize that when Jewish people put their trust in messiah Yeshua, they actually become more completed as Jews and it adds great meaning and joy to their lives as they follow the ways of Yeshua.
Me and Melissa are working to complete a full DVD featuring testimonies and concert clips, to give out to our Jewish brothers and friends. We continue raising support and contributions for this project and know that it will touch many.
And most recently, Melissa's new CD, Sojourn, came out. It's an original messianic worship CD and I have seen people touched by her songs like never before. People can hear a sample on my website.    

Before you go, click below to hear another of Dan’s wonderful songs. 

It was great having you, Dan. I wish you much success with your music ministry, and I hope you will come back real soon.

Thank you Molly. Great talking to you. 
I have most of my concert dates listed on my website 
and readers can go there to see what concerts are coming up. 
Also 3 of my CDs are available on that website, and people can contact me there as well to have me minister
at their congregation.                             


Molly Noble Bull said...

Tell us the titles of some of your albums or upcoming ones.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Wonderful music and interview. Thanks for sharing.
~Cecelia Dowdy~

Dan said...

Our newest CD is SOJOURN, a pure messianic worship CD with original songs by Melissa David featuring myself on the violin.

Other albums include:

There's Peace, featuring more upbeat songs including Fiddling In The Shul and The First Ones Here.

Also a favorite is One Million Reasons, a collab album I did with orthodox Jewish singer Eliyahu.
It features a more contemporary pop sounds with songs about God.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Cecelia and Dan,
Great to hear from both of you. Dan, Ceclia is an author as am I. But when I was in what would now be called middle school, I played the violin. Surprised? Wish I hadn't stopped.