Friday, April 8, 2011

Does The Lord Speak To Us In Our Dreams?

Photo courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti

Do you think that the Lord speaks to us in our dreams?

Last night, I had a vivid dream. I was at my parents' house and some people that I knew in my childhood came to visit. They'd bought knick-knacks and cards and they were decorating our kitchen. The items that they were decorating with had to do with salvation and they were proclaiming to me that they were saved now. I had not thought of these people in decades, so, it was surprising that they showed up in my dream last night. Not sure why they came to mind? It's possible that Jesus placed these people into my heart last night for a reason.

So, do you think the Lord can speak to us in our dreams? I know in the Old Testament, the Lord would speak to his followers with dreams, giving them important messages and advice. I've often wondered if there are others out there, who share a close, dream-like relationship with the Lord as the prophets in the Old Testament? Things appeared much different back then and the Lord seemed to speak more directly to his followers in the Old Testament.

Feel free to leave a comment about the bolded question above. It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Also, I wanted to mention that I recently discovered that Harlequin Enterprises, under their Christian imprint Steeple Hill, has re-released my 2005 Christian romance novel on Kindle, Nook, as well as other e-readers. It's called First Mates and you can purchase it here for only $3.99. Here's a short blurb about my story:
A cruise around the Caribbean offered just what Rainy Jackson needed to get over her faithless ex-fiancĂ© — sun, swimming and solitude. As the heat sank into her bones, she began to feel interest in the world again… and in handsome fellow passenger Winston Michaels.
Winston had also hoped for time alone to reflect. But finding a friend in faith in the lovely Rainy helped him deal with his twin sister’ s death without relying on unhealthy means of deadening the pain. And Winston’ s outlook brightened further when dates back home in Miami brought him and Rainy even closer. Would Rainy be the one to share Winston’ s life voyage?

~Cecelia Dowdy~


Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D. said...

Certainly He can speak to us in our dreams. I like to use that in my writing. MaryLu Tyndall also very effectively uses dreams in work. Henry Blackaby's work on Experiencing God is a wonderful study in the many ways God speaks to us. Many who never have a dream from Him experience His direction in all the ways he discusses.

Cecelia said...

Thanks for stopping by Writers' Rest and commenting, Carrie. I've heard of MaryLu Tyndall, but, have not read any of her novels. I've never heard of Henry Blackaby, but, I don't read a lot of non-fiction. I'll need to keep both authors in mind.
~Cecelia Dowdy~

Bernard said...

Yes God does speak to us through our dreams. Anyone who is serious about learning the voice of God through dreams you can visit my blog,, and read my commentary on one of the most impactful books on this subject. It was written by Scott Shafer.

Cecelia said...

Thanks for visiting Writers' Rest, Bernard. I will visit your blog!
~Cecelia Dowdy~

Maurice Gray said...

While I've not experienced it personally, I definitely believe that God speaks to us in our dreams. I explored the concept in my first two novels, To Whom Much Is Given and All Things Work Together, and it was amazing how many readers contacted me to share their own experiences with dreams from the Lord.

Marianne Evans said...

Great post! I believe, absolutely, in the Lord's presence/message/visitation in dreams. I enjoyed getting to know you better, Cecelia! God bless your writing ministry!!

Cecelia Dowdy said...

@Maurice - I think it's great that you explored that concept in your first two novels.

@Marianne - thanks for stopping by Writers Rest and leaving a comment.

May God bless both of you! :-)

Bernard said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Cecelia. I encourage you to get that book. It has revolutionized my life. This week I had two dreams that God revealed matters to me. One dream is leading me to an opportunity and the other is a warning for a relative. And this is not the occult or demonic. It is my heavenly Father speaking to me as I sleep.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Ceceile,
Thanks for an inspiring article, and Bernard, I'm going visit your blog. Thanks for telling us about it.
And Yes. God speaks to me in dreams, and according to the Book of Daniel, He is the only one who can tell you what the dream meant.
I had a VERY interesting and exciting dream experience with the Lord about two months ago. I am thinking of writing about it here at Writers Rest-- maybe as soon as May 1st.
Thanks for the info our your novel now as an E book. Congrats! My Steeple Hill historical, The Winter Pearl, is available now as a Kindle e-book, too, at or near the same location as yours.

Teresa Slack said...

I also believe God can speak to us thru dreams. I believe he most often speaks thru His Word, but he can and will use other means. The hardest part for most believers is sitting still long enuf to hear when he speaks.

Congrats on the re-release of First Mates. I wish you all success.

Cecelia said...

@Molly, looking forward to reading about your dream experience. I'm glad The Winter Pearl is out on Kindle, too. It's a great read!

@Teresa, yes, I'm an impatient person, so, it's extremely hard for me to sit still enough, and listen, and decipher what the Lord is trying to tell me! But, I'm working on that, though! Thanks for the congrats!
~Cecelia Dowdy~

Cecelia Dowdy said...

I'm commenting on this old blog post since I had a weird dream last night:
I had the weirdest dream last night - my african violet sprouted high, broke through the roof (kind of like Jack and the Beanstalk). It sprouted into floral loafs of tasty bread. Me and an assortment of people sat around eating buttered violet bread....wonder what this dream means? Any clues?