Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miralee Ferrell, author of Finding Jeena

by Molly Noble Bull

Today I am interviewing my good friend, Miralee Farrell, who as a blockbuster novel coming out in April, 2010, titled Finding Jeena. Welcome to South Texas Living magazine, Miralee, and to my column, Books That Inspire. Let’s start by talking about you.
Where were you born, where did you go to school, and where do you live now? And tell us as much or as little about your family as you feel comfortable telling.

I was born in Hood River, Oregon, across the Columbia River from Lyle, WA., where my parents lived. Most of my life was spent in that small town (pop. 500). My husband and I have a married daughter who lives near us and a married son in Portland.

Thanks. Now tell us about each of your published novels.

My debut novel was a women’s contemporary, The Other Daughter.
In Daughter, Susanne Carson knows that she can trust her husband, David—until she discovers a strange, unkempt young girl on their doorstep, claiming to be David’s daughter. Not that their marriage has ever been perfect—David’s decision to embrace the Christian faith has strained their relationship. If David hid this not-so-little secret from his past, what else could her husband be hiding?

In Love Finds You in Last Chance, CA, a historical romance set in the old west, Alexia Travers father has died, leaving her burdened with a heavily mortgaged horse ranch. Marrying would offer an easy solution, but Alex has no interest in marriage. Instead, she dons men’s clothing and rides the range, determined to make the ranch a success. Despite Alex's efforts, everything goes wrong. Alex is at her wit's end when Justin Phillips arrives with his young son, looking for a job. But there seems to be more to Justin's story than he's willing to share. Will Alex ever be able to trust him?
In Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, OR, also a historical romance, Margaret Garvey risks everything by taking in two young runaways—only to learn that they may be involved in murder and sabotage at the local sawmill. The arrival of two men who love her complicates things even further. Can Margaret clear her head and heart to make the most important decisions of her life?
Sounds great. Now tell about each of your future published novels and when we can expect to see them at bookstores and at Amazon.
Finding Jeena—the sequel to The Other Daughter releases in April. Here’s a brief summary:
Jeena Gregory's life is unraveling. Her shady boss has disappeared and missing money has attracted the attention of the federal authorities. As she experiences financial ruin and alcoholic relapse, she lands in a homeless shelter—where she's confronted with a God she's long forgotten.
I’m working on a three book series set in the old west with a romance thread, but are more ‘old time western.’ They aren’t under contract yet, but I do have a publisher interested.
You are a busy lady. How has your Christian faith colored your fiction writing?

My Christian faith is what drives me to write. I’ve been involved in ministry to women for over 25 yrs and felt that the Lord wanted me to use writing to reach women on a broader scale than I could ministering one-on-one. My prayer is that the words I write will touch every woman who reads them.

Good for you. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Yes. My web addy is: And my blog is:
I also have a readers group on Facebook and am very active there, as well as Plaxo, Goodreads and Shelfari if anyone wants to send me a friend request.

It was great having you today; Miralee, and I hope you will come back real soon.
Miralee writes under the name of Miralee Ferrell. To find her books at online bookstores, write Miralee Ferrell in the search slot.
Next month, my guest will be Michelle Griep.
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Miralee Ferrell said...

Hi Molly,
Thank you so much for your fun and informative interview with me. I hope your readers will enjoy!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Miralee,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope everybody reads your book. Your writing is excellent.