Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maid of Honor -- a DVD movie review

by Molly Noble Bull

My huband and I have gone to so many awful movies, we had almost stopped going to movies. But I wanted to give Maid of Honor a try. My sweet husband was kind enough to take me to see it when it first came out, and since it is still available on DVD, I decided to discuss it.
And yes, there were some things in the movie I didn't like. (We won't go into that.) But there were a lot of things I liked.
Here a few.
Women, like me, want to know what a guy in thinking, and Maid of Honor was almost completely from the male POV.
It was romantic with characters I wanted to root for.
It was cute and funny. (Humor is important to me.)
Part of the movie was set in Scotland. If you like everything European, as I do, you will love the settings.
I give it four and a half stars. The first scene and a scene near the end of the movie didn't inspire me. But if the first scene had been left out, it wouldn't have made the last scene "full circle" and therefore not as funny.
Now that I have told you what to expect, I recommend this movie.
If you have read my other reivews, you know that I dislike cursing in books and movies. I also dislike bedroom scenes. But I would like to hear what you thought about Maid of Honor or movies today in general.


Danyelle said...

Sounds like a fun movie. :) I love romantic comedies, but generally can't see them because of the language and/or bedroom scenes. >.<

My favorites are in the 30s and 40s.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Danyelle,
My favorite romantic movies are those taken from historical novels by Jane Austen. Not only are the books and DVD movies free of bad language and bed room scenes, they are filled with beautiful scenes of the English countryside.
Scroll down to read my list of movies and see what I mean.

Jarmara Falconer said...

Thank you for saying how much you love our English landscape. It makes me feel so sad when I see how much of it we are losing here. We are such a small island and our numbers keeps growing. With the need of more housing and roads.

Your film sounds wonderful and I know what you mean about knowing when a film is made from a male's POV.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Jarmara,
Thanks for writing. I would love to hear more about your beautiful England. Are there still huge mansions and cottages like the ones in Jane Austen's novels? Hope so.
In one of her books that became a movie, they pictured what the author called a cottage. Here that same structure would be called a very large house.
Time are changing, I guess.
But at least we have our memories thanks to good books and movies.

Carolyn V. said...

I agree with you when it comes to cursing and bedroom scenes. But I haven't seen this movie yet. Probably because we have seen so many awful movies too. =)

Kristi Faith said...

I thought this one was cute and endearing. So enjoyed it. :0)

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Carolyn and Kristi. I hope you come back real soon.

Teresa Slack said...

I didn't watch this movie because it sounded like a ripoff of My Best Friend's Wedding (heroine realizes she loves hero after he falls in love with someone else) Also the hero in this movie seemed a little old to go to college with heroine, unless he was her professor.

I realize I am too nit-picky in these matters. Because I value your opinion, Molly, I will give this one a go.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Hi, Molly

Maybe I'll give this movie a try. I don't go to the movies very much anymore. Just don't have the time with the day job, child and family things to do. Hubby and I have decided that we need to start having a movie night once in a while to relax! Maybe this'll be the next movie on our list to see!