Sunday, March 30, 2008

Celebrity Photo Opps ;-)

Wow, I'm bushed! After a whirlwind trip to Denver last week, catch up this week, and a speech contest...I need a day of rest!

I had to go on business to Denver. So for Easter break, I took my Japanese exchange son, hubby, and my own son with me. We wanted to show as much of our country as we could while the opportunity existed.

Easter was awesome. We attended church with friends and then explored the Red Rocks before driving halfway home that night. The Easter Bunny happened to put in an appearance at the Red Rock Visitor Center, lol. We couldn't pass up a photo with such a celebrity!

So now one week later, I am planning a bit of a relaxed Sunday. Church and a family dinner tonight. NO heavy plans during the day. It sounds blissful to me! Just a nice quiet day with a laugh filled evening.

I'd love to hear your relaxing ideas.

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