Sunday, March 9, 2008

When was your last vacation?

It always surprises me that some people actually don't take vacations. When was your last one?

Rest revives you for your weekly grind. But a vacation revives you for the year.

I know several people that work 2 full time jobs! And no, they are not as competent as they would be with only one.

I'm sure there are various reasons from financial necessity to an overly stressed lack of security. But when you do this long term, everything suffers.

There's a chemical in your brain that will cause you to gain weight from fatigue. Shocked?

It's real. Your body is able to recognize the signs of fatigue. Fatigue signals a need for energy.

Think about it. If your body thinks you need energy because it's losing gumption, what will you do naturally? Of course, eat.

So what are you to do?

Give your fatigued body the break it needs! Take a vacation.

Let's say you aren't used to going anywhere. And what if you aren't confident or comfortable planning travel?

Pick something that fascinates you. For example: The photo above is of a ghost town mansion that's been restored in Nevada City, MT. I adore ghost towns. I'm drawn into the mystery of history. I explore to my heart's content.

What fascinates you?

Indulge in healthy fascination and revive your creativity, sense of peace, and lower the confusion caused by fatigue. Get out and explore, even if you just start with one day at a nearby place you've always wondered about.

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Catherine West said...

I will go on vacation anytime, anywhere. You don't have to ask twice!!
My favorite spot is sitting on the dock at our cottage in Northern Ontario, watching loons glide across the lake. Of course this would be sans the early morning mist rising up from the water...I'm sure that happens but I'm never up early enough to see it! Hey, it's vacation!!