Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes Rest Is Activity

Today I helped to promote businesses in Missoula at the Missoula Building Industry Association Home Show. (Say that 10 times fast!) You'd think I'd be tired. But I'm not. I'm energized! The photo above is of Radient Floor Heating's booth. I played with customers as they walked by. If they wouldn't take off their shoes, I invited them to nap on the warm floor, lol.

I guess you might be able to tell I'm a people person, lol.

Then I beebopped in and out of vendors booths helping serve treats, chatting with potential customers, supporting busy folks by punching contest cards, or supporting not busy folks by encouraging people to stop and talk.

Sure, my feet hurt. But so do my cheeks from laughing!

Many, many people thanked me. Some asked me to come back tomorrow. I even have a couple of more official bookings for appearances from other groups.

So much fun that it took my mind off of worries.

I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm actually refreshed and energized from it. Isn't that what rest is supposed to do for you?

Think outside the box for creative ways to recharge. It isn't always sleep.

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