Friday, February 22, 2008

Bride and Groom

by Molly Noble Bull

We are saved by Grace and faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior, Lord and King. Jesus is the bridegroom. We are his bride—the church.
As young brides, we must learn to do what our husband likes.
Jesus showed his love for us by saving us from an eternity in hell.
As the Bride of Christ, we must show our love for him.
In fact, Jesus told us how to show our love for him.
Jesus said in John 14:15, "If you love me, keep my commandments."
Jesus also taught that he says what the Father tells him to say.
In Matthew 19: 17, Jesus also said, “But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.”
Therefore, we must keep God the Father's commandments too if we want to show our love for the Lord.
So how does a young bride discover what her husband likes in order to please him?
Let's say that she doesn't ask and he doesn't tell her how he likes his eggs cooked in the morning. However, she LOVES scrambled eggs. So on the first morning after the honeymoon, she fixes scrambled eggs for breakfast.
And he says, "You know what, honey. I hate scrambled eggs. I like fried eggs over medium."
Still, she likes scrambled eggs. Her mother fixed scrambled eggs every morning. Her grandmother fixed scrambled every day of her adult life, and she was told that her great grandmother did, too.
Life without scramble eggs would break a family tradition. If her relatives came to visit and she didn't serve scrambled eggs to everybody, they would be disappointed. And she really likes scrambled eggs.
She likes the taste; she likes the smell, and she likes the fact that while cooking them as well as while eating them, happy childhood memories flow into her mind. She often decorates the plate of scrambled eggs with orange slices and red apples to make the dish look more appealing, and she really feels great when she does that.
So on the second morning of their marriage, she fixes scrambled eggs again, and every morning after that, she scrambles her husband's eggs.
Her sweet husband still loves his wife, but he begins to think that she doesn't love him very much. If she did, she would show her love by doing what he asked her to do.
The Holy Bible contains a lot of information about what the Lord likes and dislikes -- what He hates and what he loves.
As the Bride of Christ, it's our job to find out how he likes his eggs and fix them that way—even if it means changing a family tradition.


Lori said...

And just think: the Lord's "likes and dislikes" will always make us happier, will always make us more fulfilled than whatever imitation desires we're pursuing. Pursing the pleasures of God will never diminish our own joy. Indeed, our good is inextricably tangled up with God's glory. You cannot have one without the other.

Here's to loving our groom, and to the infinitely greater love He returns to His bride!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Lori.
There was an old black and white TV show years ago called Father Knows Best. And it is still true today.
Our Father, Abba, knows best.

Robin Bayne said...

Great post!