Sunday, February 17, 2008

After Last Week's "Activity is Rest" Post...

I know, you won't believe it! I've talked about rest in so many ways except one. Actually sleeping, lol!

We've had several weeks of travel. LONG travel, LONG meetings, LONG classes...exhausting.

So on Saturday, after basketball tournaments, we all took a nap. We just agreed, went either up or down the stairs, and napped!

My day was spent sleeping, watching basketball tournament game, napping, and watching a college basketball game at the University of Montana.

What a delicious day!

I haven't napped for the sake of napping in years. I've always got a "million" things to do. My list is usually multiple pages and never completely done on any given day. But I really do think I'm going to eke out a nap again one day soon. It just plain felt good!


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Lori said...

Yes, we really only have two rules for Sunday:
1) No computer
2) Nappy time for the fam in the afternoon. Even my six-year old has figured out that we mean it, and no amount of alternate suggestions will suffice. We do let them read in bed if they like, but absolutely no waking up mommy and daddy for at least an entire blessed hour! It's a great recharge an hopefully underscores the need for rest to the kiddos. It something I want them to grow up understanding on both physical and spiritual levels.