Saturday, March 16, 2013


by Molly Noble Bull 

We all like scary books and movies. Well, let me rephrase that. Some like scary books and movies, and when I was a teenager, I liked nothing better than watching an old black and white werewolf or vampire movie. From these movies, I also learned some very unimportant facts.
To kill a werewolf, you need a silver bullet. However, it takes a wooden stake to the heart to kill a vampire, and vampires hate mirrors because their reflections will not show up in mirrors. With this false information, I expected to fight evil wherever I found it.
It didn’t happen.
Enters Salvation by Grace through Jesus Christ.
Yep, I was saved. 
Footnote: Satan (also called the devil or Lucifer) never bothered me before I was saved. He had me. After I became a child of God, I became his enemy, and at first, I didn’t know how to fight against him. And silver bullets and wooden stakes sure didn’t work. I soon learned that to fight Satan, I needed something that did work. Then I discovered spiritual warfare, and I learned that fear was the opposite of faith.
The Webster Illustrated Contemporary Dictionary describes fear as [And emotion excited by danger, evil or pain: apprehension or dread.] Same dictionaries describes faith as [belief without evidence. Confidence; trust. Belief in God, the Bible, etc.] 
I was a fiction writer practically from birth. My mother wrote down some of the preschool poems I dictated to her when I was too young to attend school. In a nutshell, I often explain things best in a fiction format.
Enters “Brush Country,” my newest short story.
I hope everybody will read “Brush Country,” a thirty-something page short story set in the old west. In it, I tell the story of a young woman on her wedding day, a young woman soaked in fear, and how she overcomes—how she moves from Fear to Faith in Jesus Christ in one long morning that could have ended in death.
Overcoming fear and replacing it with faith reaps great rewards. It means following the Lord when your mind tells you God’s way won’t work. It means believing what is written in the Bible instead of listening to the errors of mankind.
Fear is a spirit, and God didn’t give us a spirit of fear.
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7
So if God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, who are we listening to when we are afraid?
I’ll give you a hint. The guy’s name begins with either an S or a D or sometimes an L.
I think you’ve heard of the bad guy I mean.
"Brush Country," my e-book-short story, is available right not at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores, and it sells for only 99 cents a download. I hope all of you will buy it.

However, the first forty people that leave a comment at the end of this article that includes an e-mail address will receive a free download of Brush Country as an e-book. This offer applies to Kindle only. To find all my books and stories, write Molly Noble Bull in the search slot at all online and walk-in bookstores. 

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Connie Almony said...

I always loved what I call the "Do not worry" passage. (Matt 6???) Don't have my Bible in front of me. It reminds us how God takes care of the lillies in the field and how much more important we are than they.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Connie. The Bible tells us over and over to "fear not." Yet we keep doing it.
It'd comforting to know that God is still in charge.

Teresa Slack said...

Molly, I just bought Brush Country even tho I already read it. My mom is having surgery tomorrow (prayers appreciated) so I will need another short story to read. I grew up much like you & loved scary stories. Did anyone visit haunted houses at Halloween? I loved them. But the devil is real. Hell is real. He leaves us alone when we're lost, but, boy, does he come after us when he realizes we can cause him problems. Thanks for posting & watch soon for my review of Brush Country on Amazon.

Susan Hollaway said...

Thanks for this lovely post. You are so right.

You have a lovely blog.

shollaway2008(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Hi Molly,

I admit I don't like to be scared; never did. And even more so since I became a Christian 33 years ago. I have a difficult time with Christian writers who embrace "Christian Horror" as a genre. Yikes!

Glad you chose western fiction.

Clarice James

Margo Carmichael said...
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Margo Carmichael said...
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Margo Carmichael said...

I used to like to be scared, too. Now I avoid it. I figure God has His reasons when He says in Philippians, "Whatsoever things are pure... lovely... think on these things."

Whatever we read, see, and hear, sinks down into our spirits and eventually influences us.

And why turn to sorcery and witchcraft stories for amusement. Why go to a subject God hates? Seems disloyal to me.

I certainly don't avoid all unpleasant realities. I read the news in order to be an informed voter and just know what's going on, I read some history, I read the Bible.

And maybe God feels some things are just fun and we don't have to avoid every scary thing. I'm not sure. I do love a good suspense if it's not too violent and I'm trying to accomplish that in my wip.

I just don't like the scary supernatural stuff. I don't want to get in that playpen. I could get bitten. :)

As I said, I used to enjoy them. Now I avoid them. That's me.