Sunday, December 11, 2011


by Molly Noble Bull

Along with our regulars, I am opening the Writers Rest blog to guest bloggers. What I want are interesting settings from around the United States or elsewhere. Tell us about your hometown and state or a town and state or country you especially like.
I am also open to Christian movie or DVD reviews. If you are interested in doing a blog on any of these topics, post a comment at the end of this blog, telling the area of the country you would like to write about or the movie you want to review.
Near the end of the actual blog, you may tell about your newest book. Photos of towns, states, countries, movie posters and book-covers are welcome.

The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities by Margaret Daley, Ginny Aiken, Jane Myers Perrine, Ruth Scofield and me, Molly Noble Bull.
To find this book at Amazon or a walk-in bookstore, write Molly Noble Bull in the search slot.


B. J. Robinson said...

I would write about Key West, Florida, since I live in Florida, and the book is set in Key West. You can message me on Facebook. I'll message you with my email there. I'd love to be a guest blogger. Later, I could write a blog set in a different area, as my January release is set in Louisiana. Blessings, BJ Robinson

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear B. J.,
Thanks for writing. I will try to find you on Facebook. If not, you contact me on Facebook.

Gina Conroy said...

I could write about New York City at Christmas time and review the Rockettes Christmas show!

Ada Brownell said...

I would write about Fruita, Grand Junction and Palisade, Colo., known as the Grand Valley. The valley is ringed by Grand Mesa, the red Colorado National Monument portion of the Rockies, and the barren unusual bookcliffs.
I was born in the little town of Fruita, 10 miles from Grand Junction (the junction of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers), and Palisade was almost nothing but farms and peach orchards--but now there are vineyards there as well.
To my family, who had just gone through the Kansas drought, grasshopper plagues, the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, it was Paradise. They brought my seven brothers and sisters and I was born shortly after they arrived.

Anonymous said...

I live in Aurora, Illinois. I recently returned from another mission trip to the Philippines. I love sharing the cultural difference.
I am willing to review any recent Christian DVD. I love doing book reviews as well. Come visit my blog Writers Patchwork.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks to all of your for writing. But I am unable to get in touch with BJ and Jubileewriter.
I would love for all of you to write a guest blog. But unless I have some way of getting in touch with BJ and Jubilee, I can't include them. I don't even know Jubileewriter's first and last name.
Are you members of American Christian Fiction Writers? I send messages to their main loop fairly often.

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

I would love to write a guest blog on Salt Lake City, Utah and share with you my book, "Conquering your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones."

You can write me at: