Saturday, December 3, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Seven Days in Utopia

Reviewed by Molly Noble Bull

A strong opening hook and a Christian message are musts for me in books as well movies. However, settings come close behind, and Seven Days in Utopia, starring Robert Duvall, was set in a beautiful place—Utopia, Texas.


The setting was especially meaningful to me because it was set in the Texas hill country on the Sabinal River, and my family ate many a meal at the Lost Maples Café—featured in the movie. Yep, the Lost Maples Café is a real place, and several scenes were set in that restaurant. We even ate there before it was remodeled—way back when you had to go outside and up a flight of stairs if you needed to go to the restroom.
The plot is about a golf pro who thinks winning at golf is the most important thing in the world. After spending seven days in Utopia, he realizes that there are other things in life more important than hitting a little ball with a stick. This movie has a good Christian message. Nevertheless, the ending was weak.
Several conflicts mentioned in the movie were never resolved. I sat there in my chair, waiting for part 2 to begin, but it never came. We were told to go to a website to see if the hero made his last golf shot.
Before Mel Gibson’s movie about Jesus came out, my then pastor said that Christians didn’t know how to make movies. Mel Gibson proved him wrong. The people that made Seven Days in Utopia are learning.
I will see the sequel to this movie whenever it comes out because Seven Days had a Christian message. I just wish the screenplay had been a little stronger. 

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Teresa Slack said...

Molly, you didn't really tell us what the movie is about, except golf, which I don't play. I think it's kinda cheap that we have to check out a website after the movie to see how it ended. I wonder what possessed film makers to do that. Thanks for bringing this movie to my attn.

Molly Noble Bull said...

You are right, Terersa. I didn't tell much of the story. I thought the video told what it was about better than I could.
Nevertheless, it was about a young man who thought winning a golf tour was the most important thing in life. After spending time in Utopia, he got a new perspective.
I think I will go back and add that to the article now. Thanks for reminding me to do it.

eko marwanto said...

Waw.. awesome movie.. i want watch it

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for stopping by Eko. I'm glad you liked the review, and I hope you like the movie, too. Let us know what you think after you see it. We would like to hear what you think.