Friday, August 26, 2011


By Molly Noble Bull

Ever wondered if your writing style was like that of a famous fiction author? Read on, to find out. 
An interesting article on writing styles at Steve Laube’s website tells exactly how to find your writing style twin, and it turns out that mine is Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind. In fact, I took the test twice, and Mitchell’s name came up both times.    
Before you play the game, choose a couple of paragraphs as an example of your best writing from one of your manuscripts and prepare to cut and paste it to the game board. Or simply write a paragraph or two from scratch in the space provided.
When you are ready to play the game, click onto the web address below.
When you have finished, please leave a comment at the end of this article and let us know the name of your writing style twin. 

I write like
Margaret Mitchell
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I played the game again, using a different novel, and I have another twin. Read on to learn his or her name. 
The envelope, please.
And winner is
Stephen King.


Molly Noble Bull  

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Molly Noble Bull said...

I can hardly wait to learn how mnay other Margaret Mitchell's we have out there. I also want to know the name of your writing style twin.

Julie Arduini said...

I'm still grinning. I pasted text from my contemporary romance I'm editing, Spectacular Falls. It's in a Chick-Lit style.

That said, my writing twin is Chuck Palahniuk, author of The Fight Club.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Just took the test! :-)
@Julie, me too! I write like Chuck Palahniuk.
~Cecelia Dowdy~

Heidi Dru Kortman said...

I pasted in two different sections of a novel I've been asked to resubmit, and the results went like this:

The first section, an argument, was like Kurt Vonnegut.
The second, a narrative passage matched David Foster Wallace.

Molly Noble Bull said...

This is so much fun. I can't help but wonder how they come up with these outcomes though. I don't think the content of the writing has nothing to do with ones writing style. I think it has more to do with how you put sentences together than what your words say.
I misplaced my copy of Gone With The Wind. Now I'll have go to get another copy to see how Margaret M. and I match up.

Penny Zeller said...

Hi Molly!
Just took the test and ta-da, I, too write like Margaret Mitchell, lol!

Thanks for putting this on your blog. What a fun!


Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Julie, Cecelia, Heidi and now Penny. I am amazed by this writing style game. But I have no idea how it works.

Daphne Self said...

Four different sections:
Mississippi Nights (Soon to be published) for male POV: William Gibson, Stephen King. Alabama Days (WIP) for male POV: Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palaniuk.
Then another four different sections: Mississippi Nights for female POV: Stephenie Meyer and Dan Brown. Alabama Days for female POV: Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King.

Extremely interesting.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I can't remember what the first one said, but the second one said Margaret Mitchell.

The first one I used a section where I wrote a male POV, and it did give me a male author's name, so I used the second one at the bottom of my blog.

Teresa Slack said...

Wow! I am so flattered. I got Jane Austen. If only... It's fun though. I'll have to try something else & see what happens. I submitted a contemporary romance.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for stopping by Daphne, Lena and Teresa. Wouldn't it be great if we understood how this thing works?

Dorothy M. Bond-Dittmer said...

How great ... and what fun. First try created Margaret Atwood. Second try Stephan King. Same chapter, different dialog. I'm not a Stephan King fan and from what I've gleamed on the internet, I don't think I'd be a good Margaret Atwood fan. Plus, I can't see even a remote resemblance in our writing. I guess I have to give this a little more thought. Thanks much for the enjoyable topic.
Blessings, D. M. Bond-Dittmer

Anonymous said...

I pasted text from multiple parts of different stories. Apparently, I have the combined writing styles of Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King.