Wednesday, August 17, 2011


And regular folks, too

By Molly Noble Bull

                                      There is a place of quiet rest 

For me, Heaven was once a scary place because in order to go there, one must die. But books like Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpro and others made God’s dwelling place more real to me. Now, the fear is gone—replaced by excitement and great joy.
According to the scriptures, animals will be in Heaven. In fact, Jesus and his saints will return to earth one day riding white horses. As a cowgirl or sorts, I look forward to mounting up and riding a white horse—with Jesus leading the way.  
Heaven is described in the Bible as a place of beauty and quiet rest. Best of all, God the Father is real, and He will be there. Click below and take a short video tour of Heaven straight from the Holy Scriptures.

Earth is a wonderful place to those who love the Lord because God’s Holy Spirit is in them. But Heaven is far better. I believe that once you have seen the video and studied the scripture verses noted in it, all fear of death will disappear, and you will be eager to go there when your days on earth finally end. 


Cecelia said...

Heaven is a place that lots of people don't really know enough about. But, if we study the scriptures, and get to know more about Heaven, then I do think the fear of death may lessen/disappear. Just curious, have you ever read Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I have the book, started it, and it was interesting, but I never finished it (I seldom finish non-fiction titles.) He'd mentioned that Heaven, in the long run, would be living on a paradise earth with our resurrected bodies - or something like that.

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Teresa Slack said...

I used to fear it too. I wanted to go to heaven, just not right away. Now I think about Jesus coming back all the time. I've discussed it a lot with our 5-yo grandson. Whenever he sees the clouds look like they're opening up, he'll say; "Is Jesus coming back now? I hope He does."

If only we all anticipated it so much.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Cecelia and Teresa. I have not read Randy's book, the one Cecilia mentioned. But I LOVED Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo. The book is about Todd's son, Colton Burpo -- a three-year-old boy who visited Heaven and lived to tell about it. Colton is eleven now, and though I can be fooled, I tend to believe everything Colton said in that book about Heaven.
The video connected to this article also inspired me because it is all based on scripture -- no opinions -- just the Bible.
What did you think of the video?
By the way, I read MUCH more non-fiction than fiction. I like to write fiction novels, but I like to read non-fiction. Go figure.