Thursday, August 4, 2011

Be anxious for nothing--Write On

posted by Teresa Slack
Last week word came down that Heartsong Presents was ceasing publication on its book club selections. Aspiring authors everywhere groaned a collective sigh of despair. How could this be? Heartsong had launched the careers of countless authors who began writing for this line. If Heartsong was no longer publishing short novels, what would be the next to go? Was there any chance left for writers hoping to get their foot in a door that closes a little tighter each year?

I was among those despairing authors. I watched the threads in my writing groups as authors discussed what this meant for the future of publishing, especially among the romance genres.

The next morning though, the Lord had a special word of encouragement I’d like to share here. During my devotional, meditative time—which often ends in me whining about how unfair this business can be, and how it robs writers of their passion and dreams—the Lord told me to stop worrying about things I can’t control or change.

A sweet still voice whispered in my spirit; “Daughter, be obedient. Write the stories I’ve put on your heart, and let me worry about market changes and the economy.”

I was so heartened by these simple words. I don’t often post to many of the writing threads. But I was burdened to share these words with other writers, who like me, wonder how they’ll ever get another publishing contract when so many doors in the business are closing.

Regardless of how things look to our natural eye, God is in control. If he gave you a gift or calling—and I believe he has done so for every person on the planet—be obedient to that gift. Use it to bless others and God will work out the details.

Happy writing.


PattyK said...

Thanks for this post, Teresa--for the reminder to keep doing our part and just let God handle the rest.

Cecelia said...

Thanks for that wonderful message, Teresa. I, too, was upset about Heartsong closing down. Why? I'd had three novels already published by them and I was in the midst of getting my next proposal edited before submitting to my agent for Heartsong consideration. Now what do I do? I'm already thinking of re-working that proposal for something else.
Be anxious for nothing...that's what we really need to remember.
~Cecelia Dowdy~

Teresa Slack said...

Thanks, ladies, for posting. It's hard to keep our passion for writing when it seems like there's little hope for publication. But God will honor our efforts as long as we don't bury our talent in the ground.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Teresa, for sharing the encouragement. Though I didn't write for them, I could have and it's discouraging to look at that "circumstance". I'm so glad we have a big God who can see around the bends in our journey!


Teresa Slack said...

Thanks, Carole, for visiting. Hope to see some fellow Ohio writers at conf next month. Will you be there?

Linore Rose Burkard said...

Thank you, Teresa, for sharing. God has the precise words we need at just the right time if we listen, and you were listening. Every writer needs to be reminded of who is in control--not only of their calling but of the bigger picture.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Yes, God is in control.

Teresa Slack said...

I'm looking at the big picture now. Or trying to despite my impatience. Linore, are you going to conf?

Tea said...

Yup, continuing to write no matter what is most important. God can build new markets better than the old markets. Since I've enjoyed your book or books, I hope you have better and better success.

Teresa Slack said...

Toby Keith, the singer/songwriter, said you can't tell ppl to write better, you have to tell them to write MORE. You don't get a hit record by writing one song. Sometimes it takes 100's. Guess it's the same way with the books.

Patty Mejia-Burke said...

When will they cease publication? I have already been charged for September books. I asked for a cancellation last month because I'm having financial troubles. Does anyone know details or how to find out? I've loved them for so long!

Cecelia said...

Patty, I'm a Heartsong Presents author, so I'll respond. The authors were told by the HP editor that the last shipment going out would be December 2011 - after that, Heartsong Presents will no longer exist...after 19 years of books! :-(

~Cecelia Dowdy~