Monday, October 11, 2010

SKYLINE, the movie -- Plus Four New Writers

by Molly Noble Bull

I've been reading how the new age movement explains the Rapture of the church. Spooky. According to some in that group, there are three types of people in the world.
. The first group will accept the New Age World Order gladly.
. The second group won't accept it at first but will later.
. But the third group will NEVER accept it. Therefore, the third group must be sent to another dimension for training.
The concept just mentioned is spelled out in a new upcoming science fiction movie titled SKYLINE. Hal Lindsey discussed "Skyline" on his program recently, and I think you can listen to that broadcast at his website.
Anyway, remember in the Bible when we are told to keep looking up because Jesus is coming soon. Well apparently in the movie, those that look up will be sucked up into the sky and thus doomed. In Skyline, the movie, people are told NOT to look up.
If you don't believe me, click onto the video below and see for yourself.
I have not seen this movie yet. I think I read that it comes out on
November 12, 2010.
Not sure.
Check the Internet for dates and times it will be shown.
Is Satan preparing his people for something big?
I think so.
Because Jesus is coming soon.

I would like to welcome four new published authors who will also be writing articles for Writers Rest. They are
Cecelia Dowdy
Katy King
Lorena McCourney
Teresa Slack
They will be introducing themselves to our readers soon.


Lorena McCourtney said...

Thanks for telling us about SKYLINE. I hadn't heard about this movie before. I hate going to the movies and coming out feeling as if I've wasted my time and money, so this is helpful. But the one mentioned earlier, DATE NIGHT, sounds great, one that is worth the time and money, so I'm glad to know about that one too
Lorena McC.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lerena. Date Night is available on Pay per View and at video stores.

Teresa Slack said...

I loved Date Night as well. Then again, I'll watch anything with Steve Carell and Tina Fey. As for Skyline, I haven't heard of it either. Thanks for the info. As Christians we should stay informed for when these issues come up. I'll follow the link for the trailer and more info.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for leaving a message, Teresa. Hope you come back again and again.

Mary said...

Molly, Thank you for sharing this. I've seen and heard so much about what the devil is doing. I agree, he is working hard to keep people from accepting Jesus. We must work hard too! God bless & thanks again.

Warren Baldwin said...

Looks like it could be an interesting movie. I've learned not to put too much significance in movies like this b/c they tend to be for entertainment value and not theological accuracy.

When things get bad people try reading the times to determine if/when Jesus is coming back. Funny, but the Bible says the exact opposite about when he is returning. 1 Thess. 5:3 - "While the people are saying, 'There is peace and security,' then sudden desturction will come upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape."

When times are good people feel safe and secure so they get spiritual lethargic. That is the time to be most alert.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Mary and Warren. I like science fiction and might even see the movie. But I think it's important that we notice the signs. It is especially important that we "keep looking up."

Cecelia Dowdy said...

I'd never heard of SKYLINE before I saw your blog post Molly. The movie does sound interesting. Not sure if I'll see it or not. Thanks for mentioning me on the blog post. I'm glad to be here.

Anonymous said...

It's just a movie. Probably a bad one at that. Please don't extrapolate serious points for your religious beliefs from such mediocre science-fiction material.

Anonymous said...

It is a movie people - not everything has to do with religion. Keep your faith but get real. Religion is a wonderful thing, but being a fanatic is not. Just remember that finding meaning in everything you see is not a sign of faith - it is a sign of mental illness.