Sunday, August 16, 2009

Relaxation often comes after ...

I spent a bit of time freezing in 50ish degree weather, rain, and ... a dunk tank!

As Mrs. Montana International, I had the opportunity to help raise funds for pet adoption and responsible pet ownership. One of our local businesses, Rods -n- Dogs, offered to provide a dunk tank if Mrs. Montana would allow herself to be dunked. Who knew August would feel like November!

Well, I'm up for fun and unique ways of raising funds for my community :-D

So in I went! Whew! It was an icy polar plunge in the bad weather, but we drew a crowd and had a blast anyway!

But something much later surprised me.

At dinner, I suddenly realized how relaxed my body had gotten. Really uncommon. I felt almost languorous.

I think it had something to do with the extremes. So cold, so mentally UP in order to go through with it :-) Then I snuggled into a hot tea and seafood at a pleasant restaurant with my hubby. About half way into dinner, I recognized the languid feeling as if I were a cat sleeping on a warm hearth.

Thank you, God, for helping me understand how the mountains and valleys work together and that not all valley places are depressing. Sometimes they are incredibly comfortable.

And yes, I put up lots of silly pics on facebook under the Mrs. Montana International album on my facebook page (It's Angela Breidenbach.) Come see for some giggles.


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