Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amy Wallace, author of Enduring Justice


Today I am interviewing Amy Wallace—a wonderful author who writes mysteries. Tell us about Enduring Justice and your other Defenders of Hope novels.

Thank you, Molly!

Each of the Defenders of Hope books raises a question that required some major wrestling on my part before I could write the story. My first novel, Ransomed Dreams, delves into the issue of forgiveness and asks, Can Dreams Be Redeemed? Here’s a little taste of the story:

Gracie Lang is being watched by a man who will stop at nothing to hide the truth from her. Having lost the only man she ever loved and the children who were her world, Gracie embarks on a quest to find out what really happened. Then she meets Steven Kessler, a Crimes Against Children FBI agent, assigned to uncover an international plot to kidnap the British Ambassador's daughter. Steven revives the possibility of a life Gracie desires. A life where healing and peace crowd out the nightmares. But his case and her past are dangerously connected. Suddenly, Gracie must decide if she's able - let alone willing - to pay the required ransom to redeem dreams and restore hope.

Healing Promises
Faith Under Fire

When FBI Agent Clint Rollins takes a bullet during a standoff, it might just save his life. But not even the ugly things he’s seen during his years working in the Crimes Against Children Unit could prepare him for the beast of cancer. As he continues to track down a serial kidnapper despite his illness, former investigations haunt his nightmares, pushing him beyond solving the case into risking his life and career. Clint struggles to believe God is still the God of miracles. Especially when he needs not one, but two. Everything in his life is reduced to one all-important question: Can God be trusted?

The third Defenders of Hope book, Enduring Justice, tackles the question of healing from the past~ is it possible?

Enduring Justice
Secrets Can’t Last Forever

When the dark secrets of Hanna Kessler’s past threaten to destroy those she loves, she must face the summer that changed her life and the man who still haunts her memories. Crimes Against Children FBI Agent Michael Parker wants to help. But when the system fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive for retribution eclipses all else. Then a racist's well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice. The dividing line between the two is the choice to heal. But when the attack turns personal, is justice enough?

To find out behind the scenes info and more, my website is Dark Chocolate Suspense: www.amywallace.com. I’d love it if folks stopped by and stayed a while. Also on the site are cool book readers with first chapters for each novel. Here’s the link to read the first two chapters of my latest novel, Enduring Justice: http://www.amywallace.com/ej_chapter.html

My Heart Chocolate blog is: http://peek-a-booicu.blogspot.com/

Your mysteries are well plotted. Can you tell us a little about how you plot your novels?

I’m a major plotter, so much so that my family avoids me on those working days where I’m in another world surrounded by mounds of paper, mumbling strangely. But no matter how strange I might sound or look, I love this part of writing.

I usually start with both a strong sense of who the characters are and what they’re searching for. Then I do tons of research. For my FBI series, I read biographies and books written by FBI agents, I scoured the FBI website, and even had the privilege of interviewing a federal agent. After I’ve immersed myself into my characters’ careers, hobbies, and inner workings, then I compile a mass of sticky notes and scribbled on computer papers into a basic chapter by chapter outline. Once I like how things are fitting together, I get to work writing.

Thanks for sharing with us this month, Amy. Come back soon. To find Amy’s books at online bookstores, write Amy Wallace in the search slot.

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Amy De Trempe said...

These sound like great books. I will need to check them out.

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much for the interview, Molly! You're a gem!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing.
Great to hear from both you Amy's. Amy W. is a I good writer.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Amy & Molly -

Great interview! I'm putting these books on my Wish List. I love suspense/mystery novels.



Amy Wallace said...

Thank you, Susan and Amy, for the very kind words! And thank you both for checking out the Defenders of Hope books. I appreciate you so much!

Molly~ you're awesome! Thanks so much for the continued encouragement.