Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's a quiet whisper

It seems so often we look for God in some great manifestation. We forget that Elijah heard God not in the Earthquake, but in the still small voice.

Does that mean God wasn't with Elijah during the Earthquake and everything else? No. God is always there, but the scripture says "God wasn't in the Fire/Earthquake". It was after the rumbling that God came in a quiet voice.

So many times as writers we want to see a gigantic manifestation of God's presence. We want a sudden 5 book deal and Christy win to show the greatness of our God.

This past weekend, however, I found God in the midst of a quiet moment. The storms had been raging in my personal life all week. Things I had dreaded and never believed could happen to me...suddenly were happening. I felt like a failure and a fraud. I knew God was there but I was feeling like all the work we were doing was simply pointless.

Then as I sang a praise song with the radio Saturday my heart suddenly broke. As if in a movie I saw in my head where that week God had silently stepped in and answered a different prayer. One I'd been praying for 4 years. The answer was suddenly, simply THERE.

I look at the Fire that was tearing through one aspect of my life. I looked at the Earthquake that shook our foundation last week. But I hadn't let go of God or his goodness. I kept saying over and over during the "Earthquake" in my life last week "God is taking care of this. It's almost over."

I wonder if Elijah felt that way? As he was on that mountain and he felt the shaking he knew God had led him to that place to come face to face with God. He was afraid for the moment but, when the destructive forces of nature stopped, there was a quiet voice giving Elijah an assignment.

Last week my world was shaken, it felt as if a wind and fire were raging in my life BUT THEN a still, small voice spoke to me when I got in to worship with God. He gave me a clear set of directions. He gave me peace and He revealed to me where He's been active in my life during this time of upheaval.

Listen for the quiet whisper in the midst of your storms.

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Eileen Astels Watson said...

Tiffany, praise God for His answer to you! Blessed are those who listen!

Catherine West said...

Awesome and encouraging, thanks!!

Warren Baldwin said...

Great reminder that God is always present. Earthquakes, strong wind and fire can engulf us, but somewhere, somehow, the quiet voice of God can come through. Good post.

Ladee Bugg said...

Ah--Yes, that is the scripture I was thinking of earlier I forgot about the fire and the earthquake--I do believe that God is always in control and I would be very fearful of fire and earthquake---the still small voice--I like that--I love quiet because I love absence of noise.
I love high adventure movies,but I don't want to be the hero in any of them.
I really admire God for what He has done for you.