Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golden Keyes Parsons, author of In the Shadow of the Sun King

By Molly Noble Bull

Today I am interviewing Golden Keyes Parsons—a fellow author and friend. As most of you know, my novel Sanctuary was a historical about the Huguenots and set in France. Well, Golden’s novel, In the Shadow of the Sun King, is also set in France and about the Huguenots. Golden, tell us about all your published novels. Also, tell us about your upcoming novels and include your web address.

Thank you for having me, Molly. In the Shadow of the Sun King is my first published novel, and is number one in a four-book series, published by Thomas Nelson. The book is set in 17th century France and is based on my family genealogy. In the course of the story, I deal with the persecution of the French Huguenots under Louis XIV’s Catholic government and the struggle of the Clavell family to escape the tyranny of King Louis and worship God in freedom.

The second book in the series, A Prisoner Of Versailles, is due to be released in August ’09, and continues the adventures of the Clavell family.

My website is

Great. Now tell us who Golden Keyes Parsons is when she isn’t writing and promoting books. What are your hobbies? Likes? Dislikes? And tells us as much about your family as you feel comfortable telling.

I am a child of God who grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family. God reached down and pulled me to himself when I was a teenager, and I never got over it. I felt a call to ministry from the beginning of my walk with him. His hand has been so evident in my life as I went to college on a scholarship, met my husband and we raised our family.

I’ve always been in ministry in one way or another – either in lay positions or on staff of a ministry or church or as a pastor. Yes, I am an ordained pastor. That journey and struggles of a woman in ministry could fill a book. Maybe I should write about that!

Hobbies would include music – I’m a pianist. Of course, I love to read. We are avid fans of our alma mater’s sports – that would be Baylor University.

I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Not real crazy about fast food. Dislike the little card inserts that come in magazines. I tear them all out before I start looking at the magazine. I don’t like poor manners and sloppy attire on anybody. I love young people who are in love with Jesus – especially college students. I love anything blue.

And top of the list – I love, love, love our family. We have three grown daughters, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

How do your religious beliefs affect your writing?

I cannot write without those intrinsic beliefs poking through the lines. My beliefs form my worldview, so my writing is from a biblical worldview. I don’t mean I put Scripture on every page, or prayer or God, but the basic thrust of the storyline is through the eyes of one who holds that perspective.

Will your future books be historical novels? If not, what other kinds of books can we expect from you?

I think the majority of my writing will be historicals. I love trying to bring dusty history to life, and what better way than through a historical novel?

Thanks for sharing with us this month, Golden. Come back soon. To find Golden’s books at online bookstores, write Golden Keyes Parsons in the search slot.
Next month author, Lena Nelson Dooley, will pay us a visit.
See you then.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Thank you Molly for sharing this interview.

Golden, your story sounds interesting and wow, you've got 8 grandchildren. I have three daughters, too, but not near the marrying age yet. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed here on Writer's Rest! It's always great to get to know authors better.

Robert A Meacham said...

Great interview.
I think your blog is so peaceful. I'm glad I found it via Lady Glamis.

Molly Noble Bull said...

I'm glad you liked my interview of Golden Parsons. Next time, I will interview Lene Nelson Dooley.