Monday, September 24, 2012

Joints and Ligaments

A few weeks ago I mentioned how much I love the idea of the Body of Christ. Today, I’d like to focus on what ties it all together: ligaments.

Remember the old song, The head bone’s connected to the … ? Sure ya do. Thisbones is how children learn their body parts, parts so crucial in moving around and working, but no mention of the part that binds them. Poor ligaments. No respect!

But check out what the Bible says about joints and ligaments. Colossians 2:19 tells us joints and ligaments join us to the Head (Christ) allowing us to be nourished and knit together as a Body and growing us with the increase that is from God. Ephesians goes on to explain that this connection is what makes us effective in sharing the work. You ever hear the saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts?” That’s because of ligaments.

Why am I blathering on and on about soft tissue? It’s because of the ligaments in my life. The people who, when I need help, if they aren’t the ones to give it, they’re the ones to point me to someone who can. They’re resource people, information teamdisseminators, and team organizers. They often put together groups of people, then wonder whether or not they have a function in it. Well, yeah!!! That is their function, thank goodness. Imagine our bodies without joints or ligaments. A pile of bones and organs, wrapped in skin, in a mound on the floor. Gross! That’s what the Body of Christ would look like without Its ligaments. But certainly not what our Father in heaven designed.

So I just wanted to give a shout out to the ligaments in my life. Thank you. And a special thanks to the lady who inspired me to write this particular blog. Carrie Fancett Pagels. The ligament of our ACFW Midatlantic Writer’s group ;o).


Connie is a 2012 Genesis semi-finalist for Women’s Fiction. She was awardverr croppeded an Honorable Mention in the Winter 2012 WOW Flash Fiction Contest for her entry, Why Not to Kiss on a Park Bench (aka. Harold and Violet). She also writes the What’s Your Story column, interviewing debut fiction authors for the My Book Therapy Ezine. Come visit her on one of her other blogs:

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Molly Noble Bull said...

Interesting article, Connie. Gave me something to think about.

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

Thanks Connie! There has to be something for the ligament to connect to such as wonderful Area Coordinators like yourself! I like your analogy so much better than what someone recently said to me "you are just the middleman between ACFW and the local groups"!!!

Teresa Slack said...

Connie, I love reading your analogies. Food for thought. Did you make it to conf this year? Hope everyone had a successful and encouraging experience.

MaryAnn Diorio, PhD, MFA said...

Thanks, Connie, for this excellent post. One of my passions is to help fellow Christians discover their part in the Body of Christ. You have presented a powerful message. Thank you!


Harbourlight Books-Dec. 2012

Connie Almony said...

Yes, I went to conference ... and missed you guys. It was a wonderful experience as always. Met lots of wonderful people, maybe even a ligament or two. In fact, there was one who acted as a very important ligament this year, connecting me to an editor. Special people!!!
MaryAnn, you are a kindred spirit ... and possibly a ligament to boot. Be inspired by how God is using you! I know I am.

Diana said...

Great word picture. Thank you.