Sunday, April 8, 2012


by Connie Almony 

            As authors, we know the feeling of satisfaction when we write the words “The End” at the bottom of our manuscript. We’ve dispensed the last of our blood, sweat and tears onto a page littered with bits of our soul. Our lives. Our being.
Figuratively, of course.
            As Christians, we pour out this offering in ministry, in hopes it will one day bless someone, draw them closer to God, make their lives more meaningful.
            Yet, there are words more profound, representing a larger sacrifice and an infinitely greater offering. They are not only for the writer, but for each and every one of us on this spinning globe called planet Earth. They are not “The End,” though they can be misunderstood as meaning the same thing.
            “The End,” suggests a story that’s over. However, these words tell of stories just begun. New Creations. Lives stepping out in purpose. They were uttered by our Savior as His Life drained from His flesh and His renewing filled our souls.
We might imagine Him on the cross, looking on His new creation and smiling at the beauty we now embody because the master has given so much to refine us.            Though the blood from His crown of thorns drips into His eyes, and His lungs labor to take in their last breath, He peers at His children, righteous pride swelling in His scarred and battered breast, and declares, “It is finished!”
John 19:30 

                                                           Connie Almony
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Molly Noble Bull said...

Great first article, Connie, and great writing too.

Teresa Slack said...

Beautiful imagery, Connie. May we experience a hint of his love and compassion for us on the cross and bless his holy name.

Happy Resurrection Day.

Ada Brownell said...

A pastor told today several ways how it is finished on the cross, but I'll make my own that are spun off his. Death is finished because Jesus brought life. Sin is finished because Jesus forgives and gives us power to resist the devil. Death, hell and the grave are all finished for us because of Jesus. Because He lives we shall live also if we accept His sacrifice at Calvary.

Connie Almony said...

Yes, that statement can mean so much. The word used for "finished" can mean complete, accomplished, expired, fulfilled and a few other things. Jesus did so much in that one act, it makes sense the words can mean many things. All good for us!!!

Jennifer Slattery said...

A hearty amen! Happy blessed and redeemed day!