Saturday, January 7, 2012


What do they have in common? 
More than you might think.

by Molly Noble Bull

At one time, I “sort of” believed that Heaven existed but that hell probably didn’t. But according to the Bible, both these very different locations are real and as different as light and darkness—as dissimilar as good and evil.
As a child, did you ever play London Bridge is Falling Down? To brief you, two children join hands, lifting them high above their heads to form a bridge, while the rest of the children line up in front of them. The children waiting in the line are expected to go under the bridge, one-by-one. Once a child goes under, he or she is imprisoned in the middle of the bridge and then expected to make a choice before being set free.
I remember two of those choices from my childhood days. Did I want to be a golden apple? If so, line up behind Mary. Or did I want to be a golden pear. If so, line up behind Tom—in preparation for a tug-of-war at the end of the game.
Golden apples or golden pears were nice choices. But what if one of the choices wasn’t nice? What if one was wonderful while the other was terrible? 
What if one of the bridge-makers was Jesus (Yeshua) while the other was Satan? Now there are clear choices. To choose Jesus meant spending all eternity in Heaven where people lived forever in mansions on streets made of gold and ate from the Tree of Life. But to choose Satan meant constant thirst and burning in hell. 
Some might say, “I don’t believe in God or Satan. So I don’t have to choose either one.”  
But according to the Bible, to not choose the Lord is to choose Satan.
How many people would actually choose Satan if they really knew what that decision meant? How many would refuse to choose if they knew the outcome of not choosing? 
The beautiful eight-minute video below is titled “A Place called Heaven.” Turn on your sound system, click below and take a quick tour of heaven according to the scriptures. 

When you’ve finished watching, decide who you will stand behind on Judgment Day and tell others to do the same. If Jesus, follow him. If Satan, follow him.
But don’t decide not to decide. To not choose could send you to hell.
So decide—right now. Repent while in prayer and ask the Lord to save you. He will if you truly mean it, and you’ll be glad forever.

Molly Noble Bull is a published Christian novelist. However, her newest book is non-fiction and written with four other Christian novelists. Titled The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities and written by Molly, Ginny Aiken, Margaret Daley, Jane Myers Perrine and Ruth Scofield, the book is designed to encourage others with similar problems. Learning disabilities never go away completely, and Molly should know. She is a dyslexic. The book tells how with God’s help all five authors discovered how to go around their learning problems and become published writers.

The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities is available in paperback and as an e-book. Click below to learn more.


Dawn Turner said...

This is so very true! Our pastor equates it to driving a car toward a cliff. We're all born in a car headed straight for a cliff. We can either choose the Savior (who turns the wheel for us) or we choose to keep heading for that cliff. Sadly, those who don't choose Christ are still making a choice, and it's taking them straight for a cliff.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing. I can almost see that cliff as you described it in your message.
I'm glad you chose Jesus.

Margaret Daley said...

Interesting and thought provoking post. Thanks, Molly.

LIllie Ammann said...


I read Revelation in late December at the end of my Bible in a year reading. Then I just read a novel about a young woman who was dying of cancer who was not saved, and a Christian woman led her to Christ in her last illness and they had a lot of discussion of heaven. Tonight at church, our bishop spoke about heaven and blessing. Then I read this. I know Heaven is real!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Margaret and Lillie,
Thanks for writing. Some might not know that Margaret Daley is one of the five authors of The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities. Margaret is also president of American Christian Fiction Writers and a super published novelist.

Teresa Slack said...

It's ez to convince ourselves something doesn't exist so we don't have to think about it. Or just not think about--avoidance. People do it every day about things that are scary, painful, or they just don't want to do. Sadly the day will come when we can't put it off or deny the existence of both.

Molly Noble Bull said...

You are so right, Teresa. Procrastination is a problem for all of us.
Thanks for writing.