Friday, September 16, 2011

CONTEST FINALIST: Published Author Category

Her Healing Ways by Lyn Cote

Reviewed by Molly Noble Bull

Remember Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman? If you liked that TV series, you will love Her Healing Ways by Lyn Cote.
In 1868, Dr. Mercy Gabriel and her adopted black daughter, Indigo, travel to the Idaho Territory to practice medicine and find themselves in the middle of a cholera epidemic, and when they try to help, using their doctoring and nursing expertise, the intolerance of the townsfolk regarding woman in the medical field becomes obvious. Mercy and Indigo are God-fearing medicine women with hearts that matched their amazing healing skills, and the last thing they expect is for Lon Mackey, a carefree gambler, to come to their aid. Lon admires Mercy’s determination and courage under fire, but he also thinks she is an attractive woman. Will this unlikely couple resolve their differences on the wings of faith and find a love that lasts? 
With many published novels under her belt, it is not surprising that Cote’s Her Healing Ways is a finalist in a major contest for published authors. Her writing is strong and sure, and her plotlines are well thought out and believable. Besides the other things just mentioned, I especially like her settings for this novel. She made me feel that I was actually living in the town of Idaho Bend and knew these characters personally.
Way to go, Lyn Cote.  

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misskallie2000 said...

I loved Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and know I will love Her Healing Ways by Lyn Cote.
I am sure the story of Dr. Mercy Gabriel and her daughter inspired others to take on a hard job and excel. It took women of strength and courage to fight and survive in the harsh west but without them we would not have survived to built our great America.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, misskallie. I loved Dr. Quinn, too. I wish had a copy of every single TV show they made.

Cecelia said...

Her Healing Ways sounds like an interesting read. I'll place it on my TBR pile. I remember Dr. Quinn a little bit. That show was on several years ago.
~Cecelia Dowdy~