Friday, June 3, 2011

The Gospel--A Movie Review

A review by Teresa Slack
Netflix Overview:
David Taylor is a dynamic young R&B star whose chart-topping albums have earned him fame and wealth, but his decadent lifestyle has estranged him from his father, the Bishop of his hometown church. When David learns his father is ill and near death, he returns home to try and reconcile and discovers his former best friend, Charles, is poised to become his father's successor at the church--and threatens to ruin everything David's father worked so hard to achieve. Torn between his successful new life and the one he used to know, David has to decide whether he can give up his own desires to protect his father's legacy and make peace with his family, his beliefs, and, ultimately, himself.

Yesterday I borrowed The Gospel from my local library. This movie caught my eye. It was the type of story I usually like. Redemption, prodigal son returns, romance—all the ingredients for a good movie. But I think I might’ve missed the point. I found myself in the Villian’s camp more often than the Hero’s. Of course the villian’s motives were motivated by jealousy and greed, while mine were based on Biblical principal.

Here’s the deal: David (hero) and Charles (antagonist) grew up together with the same goals and values. Frank went into the ministry while David became a secular singer. His song, Baby, Undress Your Man, is moving up the charts when he returns home to help out Dad. The whole neighborhood is thrilled to see him and entranced by his charm and celebrity. They put him in charge of the choir to raise money for the building fund despite his unrepentant and unapologetic approach to his wild, womanizing ways.

David becomes unequally yoked with the Heroine, something she doesn’t seem to have a problem with even though her faith is important to her. I won’t say much more to keep from spoiling the story for potential viewers. Not a bad picture, all in all. Guess it depends on your own beliefs and standards. Call me “Old School”. I’d never put an open sinner in a position of authority just because he’s talented, amazing, and the son of a bishop.

The music alone makes this movie worth watching. The sound track features artists like Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin and is beyond awesome.

Have you seen The Gospel? Am I too judgmental? Please chime in and give me your thoughts. I’d love to know what you thought of the movie.

Posted by Teresa Slack


Molly Noble Bull said...

Since I haven't seem the movie, I will go with your conclusions. Thanks for giving us a good review of this movie.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

I have not see this movie, but I have heard of it. However, I can imagine SOME churches putting somebody with a non-Christian beliefs/standards in charge of a ministry if money is their goal. I'm not saying it happens often, but I could see it happening if the higher-ups are greedy enough and all they're worried about is gaining more money instead of gaining more souls for Christ.

BTW, a couple of people left comments about this movie on my Facebook wall. I invited them to copy and paste their comments here on the blog, but I'm not sure if they will. I believe you can see the comments here if you'd like:!/cecelia.dowdy

Teresa Slack said...

Thanks, ladies, for posting. I didn't want to insinuate things didn't change in the end. I just know my pastor would not allow a person living in open sin to lead a group in the church. Are we too harsh to judge? Or should the good of the congregation come before all else? Just thinking out loud.

I'd really like to know others' thoughts for the sake of my own writing. Very important to see both sides of the coin in every situation.

Cindy said...

I do see your point about the non-Christian being put in charge, although I am sure that it probably happens more frequently than we realize. On the other hand, rejecting David's offer may have driven a further wedge between him and his faith.

There were a couple of areas in the film that were "iffy", but I felt that it was an over-all good film. The ending brings me to tears each time!

Soundtrack alone makes this movie one of my favorites though! There is some incredible music in this film!

Cleda said...

Thanks, Molly, for the link probably never would have heard about the movie without it... Great review Teresa, now I am going to have to find a place to view, sounds like a great movie... great comments and in total agreement....I can't see letting such a person in a leadership roll, and then again it could be the pathway GOD uses to lead him down the right path toward home... (where GOD is)... everyone have a great weekend...

Linore said...

Haven't seen it yet, but your conclusions seem reasonable and the type I'd agree with. You made me curious, though, so I'll have to look out for the DVD. Thanks, Teresa for the review.

Teresa Slack said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I liked the movie overall as well and hope those of you who haven't seen it will give it a try. The music is fabulous.