Thursday, November 18, 2010


by Molly Noble Bull

Do you like science fiction movies? Maybe you like westerns better. How about both? Yep, Hollywood is coming out with a movie titled Cowboys and Aliens starring Harrison Ford that should please just about everybody.
COWBOYS AND ALIENS is coming to a theater near you this summer. Frankly, I can hardly wait to see it.
Click below to see a preview of the movie.
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TLH said...

Did you ever watch Firefly/Serenity? Best western-scifi blend EVER. Seamless. They even managed to integrate ancient Chinese culture. AMAZING!

This looks good too. :)


Teresa Slack said...

I am not usually a fan of these genres, but I like Harrison Ford and this one sounds good. Thanks Molly.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Wow, interesting! Harrison Ford's been making movies for a long time!! Remember him as Han Solo in Star Wars back in the seventies!

Anonymous said...

Loved this trailer. It looks like the kind of movie concept you ought to have thought of yourself but somehow didn't.

Hmmm. How about "Aliens and the Civil War," or "Hitler and the Guys From the Pleides?"