Sunday, October 11, 2009

Writing Between the Lines

Guest posting is quite an honor. Someone is trusting you to connect with their readership. They trust that what you have to say is valuable and interesting.

It's an excellent marketing benefit, but takes additional time out of your day to research the blog, write the post to fit the unique ambience, and go back to respond to comments. Sure, you can just send over a guest post, but what if it doesn't fit the blog theme?


Take the time to read several blog posts where you will be "visiting." Become familiar with the blog author's followers.

When guest posting, I've always felt more blessed than those I'm supposed to be blessing. I'll admit I'm always surprised that what I wrote helped someone else. Not that I don't expect to help people--I do. But writing a guest blog is a little tougher because on any given day, no one really knows if people will come to read and comment.

Rest in the writing. No one can guarantee writing a guest post will be the most amazing thing ever. But when we write, the story is in God writing through us.

What is it God is trying to teach?

Is God teaching it to others or to us?

What's the message between the lines?

May God use your writing as a guest poster to bless and encourage others while blessing and encouraging you.


Andrea said...

Many times I find GOD speaks to me in a deep and profound way and also uses the words HE gives me to help others.

Blessings, andrea

Tess said...

I love the interconnectivity of the blogosphere. How I can learn about one person who will spotlight another, who will lead to another ... it's wonderful stuff :)

Tamika: said...

Blogging has become a solvent to my lonely writer blues. It soothes the ache of feeling inconsistant and spastic with my dreams. It helps to ground me.

I hope I can build an audience that learns to trust God and the gift He has given. If there day ever comes that He trusts me to be a guest blogger for a different audience I trust that He will give me the right words to say.

What a tremendous privilege to say or do anything for God. Isn't it wonderful that He chooses us to choose Him!

Diane said...

Good insight! Can't wait, but I'm sure I will be nervous... :O)