Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resurrection of your dream

This past Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of our savior, Jesus. Jesus' death and resurrection meant the victory over our enemy the devil.

This had me thinking this morning of my life as a writer. It has been a tough road. I'm in the 7th year of being a full-time writer and just as I got to the "publishable" level the floor dropped out of publishing. It doesn't mean that hope is lost, it just means that I have to shift my writing focus for a bit.

I think that this writer's life can be overwhelming at times. There is so much of US in each book we write, every article we put together and every topic we teach on. There has to be...the reader won't go to those emotional depths unless we go there first.

The disciples thought all was lost that Friday. The sun was gone. There was an earthquake. Their leader was dead. One of the 12 was found to be a crook. Rome was still in power.

They'd given up 3 years of their life...for THIS!!

What they didn't know was what we now know. Sunday was coming. Jesus was taking the keys from the devil. A takeover to shake the entire universe was in the process.

But they had to pass through Friday and Saturday first.

God already sees our victory. He may be allowing your dream to die at this moment and you wonder what it was all about. Why did you sacrifice so much to write. Did you miss God some how?

Don't worry. God is still full of the resurrection power. Your Dream...hold on to it.

Sunday is coming.

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Eileen Astels Watson said...

Tiffany, thanks for this encouragement! God does have a plan for each of us. We need to be ready for when He reveals ours.