Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet Margaret Daley, author of Forsaken Canyon

by Molly Noble Bull

Molly: Today my guest is Margaret Daley, a friend as well as an award-winning author, and she is going to tell us about her newest novel, Forsaken Canyon. I understand it was set in northern New Mexico. So Margaret, what inspired the storyline for Forsaken Canyon?

Margaret: When I wrote Buried Secrets, Zach’s cousin jumped off the page and demanded his own book. So Forsaken Canyon was born. It is Hawke Lonechief’s story. But you don’t have to have read Buried Secrets to enjoy Forsaken Canyon.

Molly: All your books are great. Can you tell us a little about Forsaken Canyon?

Margaret: The back blurb reads: “I’ll arrest you.” So threatens the tribal chief of police if Kit Sinclair dares enter Desolation Canyon alone. Hawke Lonechief insists Kt’s too dangerous. He lost his wife to the treacherous canyon. He knows the ancient ruins Kit seeks aren’t worth her life. But Kit is sure all that hiking and searching will help put her traumatic past behind her. When she risks Hawke’s wrath by going alone, he finally agrees to lead her. On his terms. Impossible. Because someone else is following their every move. Watching them grow closer to danger with every step…

Molly: Have you actually done all these adventurous things your characters do in the series that includes Heart of the Amazon, Buried Secrets and Forsaken Canyon?

Margaret: I wouldn’t be alive if I had, but I have been in several jungles, caves and the barren, harsh terrain of the Southwest. I’ve hiked in canyons and the mountains. I’m trudged through a hot, humid rain forest. But best of all I have a vivid imagination! I live through my characters.

Molly: What was your most daring vacation/recreation?

Margaret: Rio de Janeiro where I couldn’t speak the language and ended up in some perilous situations, where I nearly drowned in the Atlantic Ocean and where I swam in shark infested waters. (I wondered why the man was in the crow’s nest with a rifle pointed at the ocean. I didn’t ask about it until I swam back from the island.)

Then there was the time I came up out of the tube in London into the middle of a riot that was about to explode into violence. Now that was scary.

Molly: Wow! How are you able to integrate the suspense element into your inspirational stories?

Margaret: It’s a natural. I love to read romantic suspense and adventures. I love a good puzzle. What better place to have faith than in a story where you’re running for your life (or something similar). We tend to turn to our faith when our life gets tough.

Molly: Why do you write for Steeple Hill?

Margaret: What I like about Steeple Hill is that I have been able to write inspirational romances and romantic suspense novels. I like changing back and forth between the two types of books. Yes, I have written longer books. I try never to say never. We don’t know what the future holds.

Molly: What other kinds of books have you written?

Margaret: I never thought I would write a non-fiction book and yet I just finished part of one. I am one of five authors of a book called The Overcomers, written by five Christian authors who have dealt with a learning disability in their life. It should be out next year in 2009.

Molly: I feel I must mention that I am one of the five Christian authors who wrote The Overcomers with Margaret. Yep, I am a dyslexic—more about The Overcomers later.
What is so amazing about Margaret is that despite the problems she just mentioned, she has sold fifty-eight novels.
Margaret’s romantic suspense novel, Hearts on the Line, won the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Book of the Year Contest. This year she is a finalist in the Short Contemporary and Short Contemporary Suspense categories for Heart of the Family and Vanished.
Visit Margaret’s website and read excerpts from these books
Thanks for coming Margaret, and come back and visit us again real soon.
Next month, Mae Nunn will be visiting us. Mae is also a Steeple Hill author.
See you then.

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